Server Sales

Maltego Servers are VMWare images that give you the power of Maltego within your organisation. It gives you the ability to integrate with your structured internal data and leverage internal processes as well as the ability to distribute these transforms across your enterprise.

There are two types of Maltego servers:
  • Professional server ($25K) includes:
    • CTAS - This is an exact copy of the server you find on the Internet (note this does NOT include community transforms that are deployed on the public TDS server).

  • iTDS Server ($25K) extend Maltego to speak with your internal APIs.

The process of obtaining a Maltego server is pretty straight forward. You need to:
  1. Get a quote for the Maltego server .
  2. Get the quote approved and generate a signed Purchase Order (PO).
  3. Email the PO to us at

Once we received the signed PO the following happens:
  1. We create a profile for you on our server portal where you can download the relevant VMWare server image.
  2. We provide you with a client side certificate that is used to authenticate to the servers.
  3. The portal contains all the necessary documentation to set up and configure your server.
  4. We email you all this information.

Once we've sent you the credentials and the certificates we will finally send you a detailed invoice that matches your PO number and totals.