Paterva is the company responsible for bringing Maltego, the widely popular OSINT and link analysis tool, to the world.

The company was formed in Pretoria, South Africa back in 2007 by Roelof Temmingh supported by Andrew MacPherson and the development team around Chris Bohme. Having its roots in the Infosec community, Maltego was introduced to the market by being regularly shown at conferences such as Blackhat & Defcon.

Paterva operated unlike any other company. With a small team and no such thing as a sales force, it managed to build and market a tool that got adopted by a global audience that grew to a community of over 500 000 registered community users and a range of commercial clients in industries ranging from law enforcement and intelligence agencies to finance and banking. Paterva is especially well-known for thier highly creative tutorial videos on YouTube.

As large corporations and intelligence agencies began to work with Maltego, the changing needs of increasingly professional customer segments became imminent. Meeting these and still delivering a top-notch product started to exceed the capacities of our small team. This was also the time when some of Maltego’s founding fathers decided that it was time for them to seek new adventures. Paterva entrusted the Munich-based Maltego Technologies with managing all customer-facing operations. The product continues to be developed by the team around Sonja Goosen, who has been with the Pretoria-based development team of Maltego from the beginning, working closely with the Maltego Technologies team. You can read more on this here


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