Maltego Clients

There are four types of Maltego clients available
each tailored for different purposes

Maltego XL

Maltego Classic

Maltego CE


Maltego eXtra Large is Paterva's new premium solution to visualise large data sets and is suited for people who need to show relationships between up to 1 million pieces of information.

Maltego Classic is a commercial version of Maltego which includes access to all Paterva's standard OSINT transforms. Maltego Classic allows users to visualise up to 10 000 pieces of information and the relationships between them.

Maltego CE is the community edition of Maltego and is available for free for everyone after a quick registration. It offers the same functionality as Maltego Classic with a few limitations.

CaseFile is Paterva's answer to the offline intelligence problem. Combining Maltego's fantastic graph and link analysis functionality this tool allows for analysts to examine links between offline data.

Maltego client licenses can be purchased through our official reseller Maltego Technologies GmbH. By clicking the links above we forward you to the Maltego webshop where you can purchase your licenses via credit card.

Which version is right for me?

The main difference between Maltego Classic, Maltego XL and Maltego CE are the number of entities that can be returned from a single transform and the maximum number of entities that can be on a single graph.

CaseFile on the other hand is mostly used by analysts using offline data who do not need access to the standard transforms within Maltego. The table below provides details on the differences between the four clients:

Maltego XL Maltego Classic Maltego CE CaseFile
Commercial Use
Access to commercial Transform Hub N/A
Use with Internal Transform servers N/A
Standard OSINT Transforms
Max number of results per transform 64,000 10,000 12 N/A
Max number of entities on a graph 1, 000, 000 10,000 10, 000 N/A
Technical support
Graph Export (CSV, XLS, XLSX, PDF and Image formats)
Graph Import (CSV, XLS, XLSX)
Shared Graph Sessions (Collaboration)
Machines (Transform Macros) N/A

What is included with a commercial license?

  • A Maltego license key that is valid for one year and can be used on a single host which gives immediate access to run transforms on Paterva's commercial transform server.
  • Unlimited use of transforms on commercial server, shared only by other commercial users.
  • Email-based support and integrated documentation.
  • Can be used with any external transform providers and/or transform application servers.

Subscription Based?

Maltego Classic and XL are both subscription based products where you pay a renewal fee each year for the products. This ensures that you get the latest updates and support from Paterva.

Note: If you do not wish to automatically renew your licenses simply place the order and then cancel the subscription AFTER you have done so. Once this is done you will receive an email from us indicating your license subscription has been cancelled. Although the subscription is cancelled your license key will still be active for its remaining validity period.

Please note that your commercial Maltego client will not be operational without an active client license key.

Cannot pay with credit card?

We understand that often companies restrict the use of credit cards for payments online and if this is the case we also accept PO's (Purchase Orders). Simply contact our official reseller Maltego Technologies GmbH through the following contact form and someone will contact you regarding the sale.

With that being said however, purchasing via a PO does mean the following:

  • Your licenses are not automatically renewed.
  • You will have to submit a PO every year for renewal.
  • You will NOT get your licenses immediately - someone will have to first process the order which takes up to 48 hours.