Maltego Servers

We offer three types of servers:


CTAS stands for Commercial Transform Application Server and is a server that includes all the transforms found on Paterva’s public server. By purchasing this server you will have your own private transform server with the benefits of using your own infrastructure to host it. This is specifically applicable to clients who do not want any of their data travelling to Paterva's infrastructure.

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iTDS is our internal Transform Distribution Server and gives you the ability to allow custom transforms to be managed, shared and distributed from a central point within your organisation. This server is suited for organisations who are building transforms that integrate with their own (internal) data and want to share these transforms with multiple Maltego clients on their internal network.

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The communications server is used to host shared graph sessions and is identical to Paterva’s public communications server which is free to use. Purchasing your own Comms server will allow you to host shared graph sessions without the session traffic going over Paterva’s servers.

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Maltego servers can be deployed within your organisation meaning that instead of having your transforms running over Paterva’s infrastructure you can host your transform servers on infrastructure you control. An internal server gives you the ability to integrate with your structured internal data and leverage internal processes as well as the ability to distribute these transforms across your enterprise.


With your own Maltego server you have complete control. Your transforms will run on your own server instead of Paterva's public transform servers.


Integrate Maltego with your applications, your data sources, in fact, just about anything that a machine can access!


Having your own iTDS allows you to manage, control and distribute your custom transforms and configurations seamlessly throughout your organisation.

Server Overview

For details on each of the three Maltego server click the Read More buttons at the top of the page. The section below will give a brief visual overview of the two transform servers (CTAS and iTDS). The two Maltego transforms servers work independently from each other each providing different functionality.

Maltego Clients

  • The Maltego client is a GUI application that the end user operates to gather information and build Maltego graphs.
  • The Maltego client makes connections to the CTAS and iTDS on ports 443 and 8081 to run transform.

Transform Servers

  • The transform server that runs the transform code requested by an iTDS essentially acts as a web server. The transform server runs the code to query an information source, package the results into entities described in XML and then return the results back to the iTDS. In turn these results are returned to the Maltego client.
  • A regular web server can be used as a transform server. Our recommended setup for a transform server stack is an Ubuntu server with Apache2, Python, Bottle and the TRX transform library installed. Details on setting up a transform server with this stack are described in the TRX documentation.
  • Custom transforms can be built to query data to be visualized on a Maltego graph. Any information that can be accessed programatically from your transform server can essentially be visualized in Maltego. A few examples of data that could be integrated into Maltego are:
    • System Logs
      • LDAP records,
      • Access control Logs,
      • Firewall Logs,
      • etc.
    • Internal Servers
    • Data Feeds
    • Internal APIs

Maltego Servers

  • The CTAS transform server comes with a range of pre-built transforms in the Paterva CTAS transform seed that are used for querying information from various open sources on the Internet. These transforms make outgoing connections on a range of different ports including 80, 443, 25, 53 and 3306.
  • CTAS transforms query the following data sources:
    • DNS servers,
    • Search Engines,
    • Online Databases,
    • Various Social Networks,
    • Online APIs,
    • Other Public Sources.
  • A full list of all the transforms that are included with CTAS can be found in the CTAS transform guide.
  • The iTDS server connects to transforms servers with an XML based API. The iTDS is capable of connecting to multiple transform servers to run transforms that are hosted on different servers.
  • Note: The iTDS is only used for managing and distributing transform and their settings, iTDS transform code is actually executed on another transform server that is called by the iTDS.
  • These Maltego servers are configured by transform developers and system administrators.

Purchasing a Server

Maltego server are purchased via purchase order and can be ordered in three simple steps below.
Please note that Maltego servers cannot be ordered online through our online gateway.

  • First get an official quotation for the Maltego server on our quotes pages.
  • Get the quote approved internally and generate a signed Purchase Order (PO).
  • Email the PO to us at

Once we received your signed PO the following happens:

  • We will create a profile for you on our Server Portal where you can download the relevant VMWare server image.
  • We provide you with a client side certificate that is used to authenticate to the servers.
  • The portal also contains all the necessary documentation to set up and configure your server.
  • This information will be emailed to you.
  • Once we've sent you the credentials and the certificate we will finally send you an invoice that matches your PO number and totals.